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Europe Maher high-end agricultural equipment release ceremony and country three series product appraisal

In July 29, 2016, the European Maher high quality agricultural equipment launching ceremony and the national three series product tasting meeting were held in Grand View Hotel of Shandong, Weifang. The general manager of the Weifang Municipal Agricultural Bureau Xu Mingjun, Shandong heavy industries chairman Sadin Liu Shouxian, Shandong Sadin heavy industry marketing company Li Zhen Hua, director of Sadin Technology Center Song Yanfeng, Weichai Power agricultural equipment marketing general manager of the company He Jiangtao, Gu He total transmission company representatives, righteousness and axle company representatives and from Anhui, Liaoning and other places of the dealers and users more than 100 people attended the meeting.


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  Weifang agricultural machinery director Xu Mingjun


  At the beginning of the meeting, Weifang City Agricultural Secretary Xu Mingjun first on the development of Weifang agricultural development and Sadin heavy industry made overview, affirmed and remarkable achievements of Sadin in the first half, Sadin took the lead in doing overseas three series of products, actively respond to the government's call, three tractors both in technology and quality, or service guarantee both belong to the upper reaches of Weifang enterprises, for the future development of Sadin heavy industry is full of confidence.


  The general manager of Shandong Sardinia heavy marketing company Li Zhenhua



Subsequently, the general manager of Shandong Sardinia heavy marketing company Li Zhenhua came to speak speech. Li Zhenhua said, Sardinia heavy sales performance has continued to grow, the products are sold all over the country and exported to more than 10 countries and regions, the formation of a good momentum of the two markets of domestic and abroad synchronous development. And hope to strive through five years of efforts, to create a professional Sardinia heavy tractor enterprise leader.

At the same time, Li Zhenhua also said that with the arrival of the "three" period, he was fully prepared. First of all in the supporting power, Sardinia with quanchai, Yuchai, Weichai, Luo Chai, laidong and other domestic famous engine enterprises, especially high-end products "Europe Sardinia Maher" all the Weichai country 3 engine, covering 100-220 horsepower power section. Secondly, in terms of components, all of the famous parts, such as gears, shafts, bearings and other uses the most sophisticated products, a gearbox, rear axle adopt high strength gray iron and ductile iron material 250; high-end products such as Europe and Maher 1854 imported Pierre bearings, Germany LUCK clutch, Italy Carraro axle etc.. Finally, in team building, currently Sardinia heavy industry management team, Department of technology, quality, purchasing etc. from Chinese farm machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises. Personal experience is more than 6 years, has a good personal accomplishment, learning ability and entrepreneurial passion.



  Song Yanfeng, director of heavy industry technology center



The core of a product is whether the technology is advanced or not. The same country, two liters, three countries, enterprises want to stand out in the competition, the core technology of product quality is a strong support.

The meeting, Sardinia heavy technology center director Song Yanfeng, first to Sardinia existing six series of products were introduced, and to introduce you to Sardinia heavy current configuration. At the same time, Song Yanfeng o. Maher's three D series, FA series, KA series, NA Series Tractor Products respectively from the transmission technology upgrades and three engine emissions on the upgrading of professional technology, so that we can have a more in-depth understanding of the country's three products, three products to lift the user in the machine worry.



  The general manager of Weichai Power Marketing Company He Jiangtao


  In order to respond to the needs of market development, and deepen cooperation in Sardinia Weichai heavy industries, upgrading, new product development and promotion of the advantages in products, with heavy Sardinia launched Europe Maher Department of tractor products. The general manager of Weichai Power Marketing Company He Jiangtao said, Sardinia heavy industry is a high-end agricultural equipment industry as the main business of large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprises. With the domestic advanced tractor manufacturing technology and technology, we have advanced welding, stamping, painting, assembly and other four major technological advantages, is committed to carefully build the core competitiveness of high-end tractor products. At the same time, Weifang is a full series, the whole field of general power supplier. Next, according to the characteristics of agricultural equipment industry, Weichai will be "first-class R & D and production base, the National Key Laboratory of internal combustion engine reliability and intelligent manufacturing bases, improve the domestic customer service service network" and so on, continue to provide differentiated products, for customers such as heavy Sardinia differentiated services, to create differentiated value, I believe that with Omah being put in the market, the two companies will better highlight the product advantages.


  Finally, Sardinia heavy industries chairman Liu Shouxian stressed at the meeting must be three point heavy development of sardinia. First, to build a heavy Sardinia open inclusive enterprise, from the introduction of domestic and foreign outstanding suppliers, to the national and global markets, Sardinia heavy adhering to the concept of development and open. Second, Sardinia heavy agricultural equipment, to build a new business model, the suppliers, OEMs, distributors, end users of this ecosystem has been established a win-win cooperation, fair and transparent business model. Third, Sardinia heavy industry on product quality strict control from parts of the admission recommendations, the commercial vehicle inspection line, on product quality problem of zero tolerance. From the industrial workers, quality management to technology research and development, build high-quality business team. To ensure the high quality of the products continue to provide the end user, create Sardinia ou Maher high-end agricultural equipment brand, to contribute to the agricultural products China the quality improvement and upgrading technology.


  Sardinia heavy industry has always been adhering to the "quality is the future, win-win development" business philosophy, focus on the development and manufacturing of high-end tractors, Sardinia people believe in all the efforts and hard work, Sardinia will round you a heavy agricultural dream!


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